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Chongqing and SWUPL

Chongqing und SWUPL

Chongqing, is a city on a comma-shaped peninsula located where the Jialing river feeds the Yangtze river. It is a centre of industry, transport hub and cultural centre of the region due to its universities, colleges, theatre, museums, and galleries. Both the United Kingdom and Japan have their consulate general based in Chongqing which also hosts consulates of Denmark, Cambodia, Canada, and the Phillipines.

As a centrally administered municipality, Chongqing constitutes an independent administrative unit with almost 30 million inhabitants (2014). According to its administrative city-borders, Chongqing is the largest city in the world. The administrative area amounts to 82.403 square-kilometers, the size of Austria (83.871 square-kilometers), and is to a large extent rural-based. The centrally administered municipality came into existence on 14 march 1997 when it separated from the eastern part of the Sichuan Province and incorporated the surrounding geographic region. Now, Chongqing is the most growing region in China.


Southwest University of Political Science and Law is one of the top universities for law and political science in China. It has almost 25.000 students and more than 2.300 staff members. 

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Homepage of the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (English)

Homepage of the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (Chinese)

Chongqing und SWUPL

Chongqing und SWUPL